Cardi B Suspect for Battery After Vegas Microphone Toss

Cardi B threw a microphone at a concertgoer who hurled a drink at her mid-performance over the weekend.

TMZ is now reporting the woman who was struck by Cardi’s mic went to Las Vegas Metro PD the next day to report the incident.

She told police she’d been struck by an item — the microphone — thrown from the stage. Of course, the whole incident was captured on cameras during Cardi’s show.

As we reported, a woman in the crowd threw some kinda liquid at Cardi while she was performing … and the rapper snapped, immediately throwing the mic in retaliation.

The mic struck the drink thrower, but ricocheted and also hit another woman standing next to her. It’s unclear which one of them went to cops, or if there was any mention of the drink being thrown at Cardi.

Prior to the altercation, Cardi and her DJ had implored the crowd to splash water on her to cool her off in the triple digit weather — but, obviously, she didn’t take kindly to whatever the woman threw later in the show.

This is a developing story.

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