Cardi B Speaks on Strip Club Discrimination Following Viral Joe Budden Comments [Photos]

Joe Budden, no stranger to controversy, is back under the public eye, but this time due to his comments regarding discrimination in New York strip clubs.

via: Complex

As previously reported, Budden shared a post to Instagram (and later addressed the same issue on Twitter) in which he called out New York clubs for simultaneously “not hiring Black women” and “purposely hiring the SAME exact girl.”

The post inspired an ongoing social media discussion about discrimination, as well as some pushback, including from Waka Flocka.

Meanwhile, Cardi’s name was brought up (as was Kim Kardashian’s) amid the ensuing commentary. Across a number of posts captured below, Cardi—who recently joined David Letterman for a long-form My Next Guest interview on Netflix—looked back on “certain clubs” that wouldn’t let her work on Latin Night because she “didn’t look Spanish enough” and noted that she’s spoken out about strip clubs and colorism in the past.

Quick to jump to Cardi’s defense was K Goddess, who earlier this year launched her “Keep It 100” video. Just because someone may be in a different place now, she cautioned, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten where they came from.

“She’s definitely tellin the truth,” K said, adding that this happens “a lot” in clubs, particularly those in the NYC area. In her response, Cardi reiterated her stance and advised against arguing with people who are only interested in comprehension “when it’s convenient.” She also suggested some of those who have been quick to hop into this discussion aren’t familiar with New York clubs.

“It’s crazy how people on the internet will try to tell you about your own experiences,” she said, as seen below.

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