Cardi B Says Getting Loud On Social Media Keeps Her From Drugs [Photos]

In an interview for Billboard, Cardi admits that while she does smoke the occasional cigarette, she doesn’t do drugs.

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Cardi B addressed her controversial video featuring her three cigarettes while ranting about politics as she was anxious about the results of the 2020 election. In an interview for the raptress’ cover issue for Woman of the Year by Billboard, Cardi admits that while she does smoke the occasional cigarette, she doesn’t do drugs.

“I was having fun with my kid, but then I kept looking on Instagram and was getting jittery. [Before the election], I just felt like [Joe] Biden had this in the bag,” the Bronx femcee explained on Tuesay, December 1 what made her post the said video. “Then Election Day came, and I’m seeing so many states are just red, period.”

“It just surprises you when you don’t hear people around you saying, ‘Oh, I don’t support [Donald] Trump.’ There’s other people that don’t really think like us. Millions of people who are not on the same page as you and don’t understand what he did wrong and why we’re so anxious. I’m like, ‘Oh, s**t. I’m getting nervous now,” continued the Grammy-winning artist.

“If I didn’t voice my feelings, I would probably be one crazy b***h on drugs,” the mom of one added. “I don’t do drugs; I smoke a little cigarette here and there, drink a little wine and Hennessy in the club, but those drugs I don’t do.”

Later in the interview, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker admitted that she had to be careful of what she says on social media. “Let’s say something is ugly, right? Everybody in the comments is saying it’s ugly, but you’re saying it’s pretty. If you have the unpopular comment, then you’re in the wrong. So you gotta be careful with what comes out of your mouth,” she explained. “You can’t even call people ugly nowadays! I’m not saying I want to call people ugly — you just can’t even be yourself anymore.”

Cardi B was named the Woman of the Year by the magazine last month. While some people were happy for her, some others questioned her credibility for being honored with coveted award. It didn’t take long before Cardi hit back at the haters with a fiery video. “For you cry babies like, ‘What? She only got one song.’ Yeah, I got THAT song, b***h,” she said. “You know the one that sold the most, the one that streamed the most… The one that had your grandma popping her p***y on TikTok.”

She also explained that her activism in politics was one of the reasons why she deserved the title. “Using my money, my own money, to meet up with these candidates like Bernie [Sanders]. Flying out, tired after shows. Yeah that’s me, b***h,” the Grammy-winning raptress added. “I represent America. Okay. And I wanted a change and that’s exactly what the f**k I did… I’m just that b***h. Eat it up with a spoon.”

Cardi is always going to be Cardi.

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