Cardi B Links Up With Keith Lee In The Most Unexpected, Albeit Brilliant, TikTok Crossover |

Cardi B Links Up With Keith Lee In The Most Unexpected, Albeit Brilliant, TikTok Crossover

Cardi B has linked up with Keith Lee for a burger review of a restaurant in Los Angeles.

via: Vibe

Months after coming to Keith Lee‘s defense following the Atlanta stop of his food tour, Cardi B has linked up with the beloved TikTok critic to review his favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.

Lee was in L.A. for the 2024 NAACP Image Awards, where he was nominated for Outstanding Social Media Personality Of The Year. While in the City of Angels, he revisited the only restaurant that’s ever gotten two 10 out of 10 ratings from him—Easy Street Burgers.

“Alright guys, so you know how I feel about L.A. food; it’s not my favorite, but I got a good recommendation about this place […] You know what? Since this person recommended this place, if I don’t like it, I want to tell them to their face,” Bardi joked before Lee walked into frame.


Try these LA burgers with me

? original sound – Cardi B

“God is amazing; Let’s do it,” he interjected. Together, they ranked the restaurant’s Jalapeño Monster Burger and Bacon Monster Burger after she declared herself to be a “real burger expert” and boasted that she just had the “best burgers that [she] ever tasted in [her] life” while recently vacationing in Colombia.

First, the “Up” rapper praised the presentation and felt that it was a “fancier Shake Shack.” Most of all, Cardi felt the Jalapeño burger reminded her of a chopped cheese—a New York City staple. They both gave that burger a nine out of 10 rating. She noted that it tastes “100 percent healthier” than a Shake Shack burger.

“They made it with love,” she joked. The Bronx native was not that big of a fan of the Bacon Monster burger and ranked it a seven out of 10. She felt the bacon was overload, but Lee quipped, “See, everybody taste buds are different.” For him, it still remains top-tier. For her, she preferred the first option because “jalapeño on a burger is a treat.”

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