Cam'ron on Toxic Relationships: 'B*tches Don't Leave Me, I Leave Them' [Video] |

Cam’ron on Toxic Relationships: ‘B*tches Don’t Leave Me, I Leave Them’ [Video]

Cam’ron and MaSe scored a lucrative deal for their successful sports and entertainment show, “It Is What It Is.” From the looks of things they are having a good time.

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On a new episode of It Is What It Is, Cam’ron denied that he’s “toxic” and claimed that only one woman has left him in his entire life.

The Dipset rapper gave his thoughts on Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Maya Benberry warning Taylor Swift to be “careful” because he’s apparently “a cheater,” before going on a rant about his own experiences. “Back up,” he told Benberry, who he accused of “clout chasing.” The topic quickly diverged, and ten minutes later Cam’ron was telling his co-hosts Mase and Treasure ‘Stat’ Wilson about what he expects from a relationship and what he plans to do if he’s not married by the time he hits 70.

After detailing his preference for being “worshiped” in the bedroom, Cam told his co-hosts has a “backup plan” that he got from his uncle. “If I don’t find the right female by the time I’m like, 65, 70… I already got a bitch overseas I’m grooming to clean my shit,” he shared at the 48-minute point of the episode. “Make my bed, worship me ’till I die, and leave my son all the bread. I already got a mail-ready bitch ready on standby for when I turn 72 years old if I don’t find the right bitch. Hopefully I do, my uncle put me on to that plan.”

His admission provoked laughs from his co-hosts who then called him “toxic,” which he refuted. “I’m not toxic,” he replied. “That’s why I’m not toxic, because I leave. Yo I’m the n***a that leave. Last time a bitch left me it was second grade ’cause I put gum in her hair. Bitches don’t leave me, man. They toxic! Bitches don’t leave me, bro, I gotta leave bitches! Ain’t no bitch left me… I bring too much to the table. I’m handsome, I get money, I hustle, I’m fly.”

Despite his comments, he insisted that he was still looking for the “right” woman. “Toxic is when you stick around and fight,” he continued. “I don’t fight. … I had three order protections in my life on females. That’s not toxic. When I gotta go to court, and get on the police station, and get order protection, now I’m toxic? Nah, I’m being safe, I’m scared!”

Mase, who laughed throughout the whole thing, added, “He hasn’t changed one bit.” Cam’ron reiterated that he has a “Plan B,” though. Wilson took the topic back to Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Maya Benberry, asking for Mase’s thoughts on it. “She’s as toxic as Cam is,” he laughed. “Nah Cam, she might be more toxic.” The three agreed that it wasn’t her place to say anything, unless, as Cam put it, she was already familiar with Swift or the new man in her life is dangerous, like a “pedophile or a rapist.”

Watch the full episode below.

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