Out and About: Cam Newton Heads for a Workout With Girlfriend La Reina Shaw [Photo]

Cam Newton was seen out and about for what appears to be the first time with girlfriend La Reina Shaw.

La Reina is also mother to his youngest child.

via The Blast:

The NFL star’s model GF posted the exclusive shot of them together on her Instagram story. The two were seen hanging out in the back of a car while getting ready to workout together.

She wrote a sarcastic caption about being tricked into a workout with Cam. She said, “HIIT CLASS?! I thought he said pour a glass.”

La Reina Shaw added, “My workout partner fine AF” with a smiley emoji face.

Cam’s relationship with La Reina Shaw caused a little bit of a stir last year. Before confirming his romance with the model, he announced he was splitting from his longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor. Cam and Kia share 5 kids and are battling it out over custody.

At the same time, La Reina Shaw was pregnant with her first kid with Cam. Last summer, the IG model welcomed their son Caesar. The two kept their romance low-key for several months before even admitting she was pregnant with his child.

Before Cam and La Reina Shaw confirmed their love, a report broke saying the model had been seeing him for several months and was living in an apartment above his Atlanta restaurant.

She avoided posting photos of Cesar until things calmed down in the press. At the same time, Cam filed a custody suit against Kia asking the court to award him joint custody of their children.

In the court documents, Cam said he was already paying Kia child support despite no court order being in place.

In response, Cam’s ex countersued him demanding primary custody and child support. She asked the amount to be awarded above the normal guidelines based on Cam’s high income. Kia asked for Cam to pay her $15,000 a month to cover the children’s expenses. The split was reportedly caused by Cam’s relationship with La Reina Shaw.

Kia has remained quiet publicly about what went down with Cam. She has stayed focused on keeping her head high and sticking to fighting him in court.

Well, they can’t stay in ‘hiding’ forever — at some point people have to just live their lives.

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