Caitlyn Jenner Is Reportedly 'Bitter' Her Show Got Canceled and Upset at Kris & The Kardashians for Not Fighting to Save It


Caitlyn Jenner has made it very clear from the beginning that she is NOT a Kardashian.

Unfortunately for Cait, being a ‘Kardashian’ may have helped keep her show on the air. According to reports, Caitlyn is furious with Kris and the rest of the Kardashian girls for not leveraging their power to keep ‘I Am Cait’ from getting canceled.

via Radar Online:

“Caitlyn felt they could have gone to E! and said, ‘It’s all of us or nobody,’ but they didn’t raise a finger to help,” an insider said. “Kris and her girls didn’t fight for her.”

As Radar was first to report, executives decided to pull the plug on I Am Cait after the docu-series managed to attract just 745,000 viewers to its Season 2 premiere in March. “The show can’t compete with other programming,” a source said at the time.

Now, Jenner, 66, feels her former family, especially Kim, Khloe andKourtney, has completely abandoned her,” said the insider, who noted that the famous clan and their momager don’t seem to really care.

“They are finished with Caitlyn, too,” revealed the insider. “They feel she has squeezed as much fame as she can riding their coattails. They are tired of keeping her relevant.”

The insider also claimed the women ruthlessly told executives that “it’s her or us” and “actually got the show canceled.”

“Their thought is: ‘Good luck without our help,’” said the insider. “She wants to be famous and wants to do it on own? Then go ahead.”

Do you think Kris and the girls should’ve helped Cait out? After all, they do have an $80 million deal with the network.

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