Caitlyn Jenner Complains She's 'Forced' to Wear Makeup Everyday, Kim Kardashian Reminds Her 'This Was a Choice' [Video]


Kim Kardashian West spent sometime with Caitlyn Jenner during a recent livestream for her new website/app.

During their chat, Kim told viewers that she was thinking of sharing her nightly makeup-removal routine — much to Caitlyn’s delight.

“I would be very into that, because I do that every night and I don’t think I do it right…now that I am forced into wearing makeup every day,” said Caitlyn.

Kim quipped back: “You’re not forced. This…was a choice.”

Caught off guard by Kim’s subtle read, Caitlyn elaborated further:

“Um, I am forced because Kim Kardashian told me I gotta ‘rock it every day.’  If I go out the door and don’t at least look good and presentable, they’re going to use that shot forever.”

Watch the slightly awkward moment below.

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