Brittney Griner Breaks Down in Tears While Discussing Her Annulment & Wife Glory Johnson’s 'Surprise' Pregnancy Announcement [Video]


Britney Giriner Breaks Down ESPN

It’s fair to say that Brittney Griner & her now-wife Glory Johnson have had a pretty tumultuous relationship.

Back in April, they got into a fight. Two weeks after that, they got married. Last week, Glory announced she was pregnant. The day after the pregnancy announcement, Brittney filed for annulment — and Glory said she had no idea it was going to happen.

Crazy, right?

Well, Brittney is speaking out to share her side of the story. She sat down with ESPN’s Kate Fagan, to discuss not only the split — but also being “surprised” by Glory’s pregnancy announcement, and why she decided to end their marriage.

On the night of her fight with Glory & what she wishes she would have done differently:

“The night of the arrest, everybody has seen the reports, I believe. And it was mutual. They called it mutual combat. And that’s what it is. And honestly, I can’t say anything else too much more about it, I’m in my classes and my groups right now, and until I finish and complete everything I have to do, I can’t say much more about it.

Walk away. No matter what, just walk away. No matter what it is, walk away from the altercation. If you see it getting heated, you see it escalating — walk away. No matter what’s sad, or done. Just walk away — because it never ends good. Domestic violence is never ok, no matter what the situation is. No matter what it is, it’s never the answer. It’s never right. Staying there, that was my worst decision. I should’ve left.”

On Glory’s ‘surprise’ pregnancy announcement:
“I was definitely surprised. It’s very early. It’s too early to post or say anything about it and, uh, I was surprised.”

On why she filed the annulment:
“Prior to us getting married, I knew I shouldn’t have done it, I knew I shouldn’t have went through with it. And I talked to Glory about it, but, you know, sometimes you feel pressured into things and I went along with it & I knew I shouldn’t have. It was a huge mistake. I just knew it was a mistake now. And now, I’m filing for annulment.

On why she feels their marriage was a mistake:
“With everything going on, counseling and classes, it just wasn’t the right way to start off our marriage. It wasn’t the right way to start off the unity like that. I wanted to take the time to get myself right.”

On Glory knowing and agreeing to the annulment before it went public:
“We both agreed to it — this past Wednesday actually — to get an annulment. It’s in writing and via text message as well…so….”

Brittney says she plans to move forward and ‘submerge’ herself in basketball. She has six games left in her 7-game suspension resulting from her altercation.

Watch Brittney get emotional below.

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