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‘British Vogue’ to Feature ‘Real Women’ — Not Models — In Upcoming November Issue


British Vogue is looking to challenge the stigma that fashion is ‘frivolous’ by featuring everyday women in the November issue.

via NYDN:

“I feel strongly that women who are in positions of authority or power, or who work in professions should be able to indulge their interest in clothes and fashion without it seeming frivolous or that they don’t care about their jobs enough,” Alexandra Shulman, the magazine’s longest standing editor-in-chief, told The Telegraph.

“In this country, there is still a stigma attached to clearly enjoying how you look and experimenting with it if you are a woman in the public eye and not in the fashion or entertainment business,” she said. The special issue, which will feature female CEOs, architects, historians and charity workers, will feature Emily Blunt on the front page.

The issue will be the first of its kind for Vogue, which has a notorious reputation for featuring legions of skinny models and celebrities on the pages of a magazine read by and targeted at regular women.

Let’s hope they remember to include everyday women of color!

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