Brian McKnight Denies Claims Saying He's Abandoned His Biological Children [Photo]

Brian McKnight scoffed at his estranged daughter Briana’s allegations she had a troubled childhood while being estranged from him.

via: AceShowbiz

The R&B crooner decided to defend himself after receiving backlash regarding the matter on social media.

Making use of Instagram on Friday, May 5, the musician re-shared an old post that featured a picture of him and his kids. He captioned it, “Not sure how these posts that have been sitting here this whole time were left out of the false narrative that is trending. Abandonement? There’s always more to every story. Stay tuned.”

Brian has faced backlash for allegedly not claiming his biological kids Brian McKnight Jr., 33, Niko, 30, and Briana, 21. He got more criticism in December after buying his stepdaughter a BMW.

Earlier this month, a report emerged that Brianna sued Brian for allegedly lying about her sleeping with her own cousin. Briana filed the lawsuit in 2020, according to In her complaint, she alleged that her father “maliciously defamed” her on social media by saying “she had some years earlier, and while a minor, engaged in sexual relations with an older cousin.”

Briana, whom Brian shares with a woman named Patricia Driver, said they have had a tumultuous relationship for years. However, she said she had had a close relationship with Niko and BJ, Brian’s sons shared with his then-wife Julie.

Briana had tried to reach out to Brian’s wife in 2018 because she wanted to establish a bond with her dad. However, the singer reportedly dismissed her efforts and “did not see or meaningfully communicate with her.”

Thus, Briana shared “aspects of her perceptions of growing up with an unnamed absent father on her personal Instagram page” without naming her father. The singer, unfortunately, took issue with the post and decid to attack his daughter online by making the “false” claim about her inappropriate relationship with her cousin. After a few back-and-forth, the two eventually dropped the case before trial.

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