Breonna Taylor’s Mom Applauds Niecy Nash-Betts for Honoring Breonna at Emmys |

Breonna Taylor’s Mom Applauds Niecy Nash-Betts for Honoring Breonna at Emmys

Niecy Nash-Betts took a moment to call out injustice faced by people of color in her Emmys acceptance speech on Monday when she named slain Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland as well as Glenda Cleveland.

“I accept this award on behalf of every Black and brown woman who has gone unheard yet over-policed—like Glenda Cleveland. Like Sandra Bland. Like Breonna Taylor.”

TMZ reports, Breonna Taylor’s mom is thanking Niecy Nash-Betts for mentioning her late daughter while winning her first Primetime Emmy … praising her for using her platform for justice.

Breonna’s mother, Tamika Palmer, tells TMZ … it’s “amazing” Niecy used her big moment to “acknowledge women, including my daughter, who have tragically fallen victim to police brutality.”

Niecy also told the Emmys audience she feels it’s her responsibility as an artist to speak truth to power, and she plans to do so until the day she dies.

Breonna’s mom adds … “The lack of accountability for these injustices is undeniable, and it is crucial for us to keep saying their names and reminding people of the profound impact of their loss.”

As you know, Breonna was shot and killed by cops in Louisville during a botched raid back in March 2020, and her death sparked demonstrations against racial injustice and policing.

Niecy won her Emmy for her work in the Netflix series “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” … and Breonna’s mom tells us, “I admire Mrs. Nash’s work and love her. Her Emmy win was so well-deserved.”

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