Brad Pitt Countersued Over Chateau Miraval as He's Accused of Using Winery as 'Personal Piggy Bank'... Amid Ongoing Battle with Angelina Jolie |

Brad Pitt Countersued Over Chateau Miraval as He’s Accused of Using Winery as ‘Personal Piggy Bank’… Amid Ongoing Battle with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt is being countersued by the company Angelina Jolie is trying to sell her winery shares to — and they’re claiming he’s been misappropriating funds and being deceitful.

The Troy actor, 60, and the Maleficent star, 48, have been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute centered around their co-ownership of the $500 million French winery, which they originally purchased in 2008.

And now Pitt has been hit with a countersuit by Tenute del Mondo, after he previously sued the company claiming they did not have the right to receive Jolie’s shares in the winery.

In new court documents, obtained by, Tenute filed a claim against Pitt and his company, Mondo Bongo, alleging they have been using Chateau Miraval like a ‘personal piggy bank’ to fund their projects for years.

One such project is a swimming pool only used by Pitt, which Tenute claims the actor spent more than $1 million in renovations on. Other ventures include a recording studio, a cosmetics line and a gin brand.

via: Daily Mail

TMZ adds, sources with direct knowledge tell them, Brad Pitt’s side is scoffing at Tenute’s countersuit — as they feel they only tried getting into the Chateau Miraval biz because of his name-recognition and deep involvement with the company … which they’re now trying to smear.

We’re told Chateau Miraval is only as successful as it is because of how Brad has run it — and the notion he plundered it for his own personal gain is absurd and nonsensical … as it would only hurt him if he did the things they’re claiming he did.

Bottom line … we’re told BA feels Tenute (a subsidiary of Stoli Group) is blowing hot air that it’s tried litigating in other courts to no avail — and that Brad isn’t sweating their accusations.

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