Bow Wow Announces Plan to Quit Drinking, Breaks Own Resolution Two Days Into New Year [Photo + Video]

New Years Resolutions – they can be so hard to keep! Just ask Bow Wow, who managed to break his just two days into 2022, posting up on Instagram with a glass of wine just one day after telling Twitter followers that he was going to be practicing sobriety “forever.”

via: Complex

On the first day of the year, the rapper and actor indicated that he was ready to quit drinking. “Last night was my last night drinking! Lets see if i can keep this up forever! Im really done,” Bow Wow tweeted on Saturday, Jan. 1.

But on Sunday, Bow Wow revealed that he’s had a bit of a setback in a hilarious video. “Wine don’t count,” he wrote alongside the clip of him dancing to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s “The Girl Is Mine.” He added, “Tired of being single something gotta change! I’m on my playa shit from here on out! Root for me I need love [heart emoji].”

Bow wow then yells, “where you at? where you at? I’m tired of being single! I’m about to be 35, I don’t wanna be alone. I got red wine, by myself, I’m dancing with my shadow.”

Late last year, Bow Wow responded to rumors regarding his parentage to a one-year-old boy and confirmed he was the biological dad. “Such a blessing to have him in my life,” he told followers on Instagram, after initially telling them he was “fine” with just his one child, 10-year-old Shai Moss.

Check out Mr. “Wine Don’t Count” post below.

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