Bow Wow Alleges He Lost His Virginity at 16 to Video Model Esther Baxter, She Denies It Ever Happened

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Last week, Bow Wow appeared on Sway In The Morning and shared with listeners that he lost his virginity to popular video model Esther Baxter.  Normally this wouldn’t really be a huge deal, but Bow Wow alleges that this happened back when he was 16.

“I lost my virginity at 16 to a girl I know I couldn’t turn down … she was one of those Smooth[magazine] models … all I got to say is … she know it’s the truth … I ain’t gotta lie … first name start with an E, last name start with a B,” Bow Wow explained, laughing when someone in the background shouted out Esther Baxter.

Esther wasn’t too happy about the allegations, and took to twitter to clear her name. She says:

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Check out the video of Bow Wow making his allegations below. They start around the 5:03 mark.

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