Bobbi Kristina Brown Reportedly Used Heroin, Other Drugs Before Being Found in the Bathtub


While Bobbi Kristina’s current health condition remains largely unchanged, new details surrounding what put her in the hospital in the first place are starting to come out.

According to PEOPLE, sources close to the situation have confirmed that Bobbi Kristina was under the influence of drugs the morning she was found unresponsive in the bath tub.

Multiple sources who know Brown confirm to PEOPLE that she regularly used heroin, cocaine and Xanax in recent months. She was also a heavy drinker, the sources say. One of the sources who saw Brown regularly says she often appeared to be high, slurring her words and seeming incoherent.

Another source says Brown had been “in and out” of rehab in the three years since her mother died. Brown was “distraught” over the anniversary of her mother’s death on Feb. 11, which fueled her addiction despite attempts at recovery, the source adds.

“How thin she had gotten is an indicator,” the source says. “This girl was trying hard, but she didn’t have any support system. She was still dealing with a lot of grief over her mother.”

Hopefully we get some positive updates regarding Bobbi’s condition soon.


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