Black Woman Records Neighbor's "Karen" Meltdown After Dispute About Property Lines [Video]

Another week, another “Karen.”

via: Revolt

A dispute between two women is well on its way to becoming the latest viral video, provoking ongoing discourse about Karen-like behavior and racist triggers.

Today (Aug. 6), a Black woman on Twitter identified as Bre shared the explosive meltdown her non-Black neighbor had after being told to keep her dog on her property. Bre, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, shared doorbell footage of her telling the woman, “You gotta get your dog. You gotta put your dog on a leash,” after the animal ran into her garage.

The dog’s owner responded by walking toward Bre and saying sorry. Obviously angered by the occurrence, Bre responded, “No, this is not a sorry thing. This is like the fourth or fifth time this has happened.” At the time, Bre’s 17-year-old daughter and friends were gathered inside the home for the teen’s birthday party.

The neighbor hit back, saying that there was no need for Bre to become “rowdy” before the first clip ended. A second video began with the woman yelling for the Black mother of four to go home and to stay off her property. Bre was filming the exchange from the sidewalk while reportedly still standing within her home’s property lines. From there, the neighbor grew irate and began yelling as her two children, her mother, and a second woman looked on.

At one point, the woman displaying Karen behavior is captured within inches of Bre’s face, yelling, “What are you, Black? You’re Black, so you got rights?” Bre’s response included stating that she would make sure everyone knew the woman was racist. “You think you’re Black, so you’re up in my face, right? Yeah. Oh, she’s Black, you guys. Be scared, run. I don’t give a flying f**k if you’re purple,” said the neighbor. She then angrily turned to her mother and began speaking in another language before shoving her toward their home.

But the volatile exchange was still not over. “B**ch, what are you trying to do, a record? You’re trying to do a record on the phone? … Hi, guys! This is the freak who had to b**ch alert instead of telling me and being nice,” she continued before the video finally ended. In a separate clip shared on TikTok, Bre stated that the police were called and that she did, in fact, press charges against her neighbor.

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