Black Truck Driver Told to Leave Texas Sundown Town, Saw Black Dolls Hanging From Nooses [Video]

Black truck driver shared the story of his night in Vidor, Texas, a notorious “sundown town.

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Sundown towns are still very prevalent in America. One Black truck driver details his experience at one located in Vidor, Texas.

So what is a Sundown town? According to Newsweek, “Sundown towns are all-white parts of the United States considered to be unsafe for Black people after dark.” Coined during the segregation-era, certain areas of the nation had signs indicating that “colored people” were to leave places by sundown.

A Black truck driver by the name of Gideon shared a video to TikTok with the caption, “My night in a sundown town.” He explained that as he was delivering a load it dawned on him that he had landed in Vidor, Texas – a place where Black people know not to go in the Longhorn state.

“Pretty much everybody I know in Texas that’s Black tells me, ‘Do not go to Vidor, Texas,’” said Gideon in the video.

He further explained that the load would not deliver until 8 a.m. the next day despite the fact that he had arrived at 5:30 p.m. the prior evening. During a drive to his destination he details seeing “a bunch of Confederate flags” as well as “a doll of a Black man wrapped in a Confederate flag hanging from a tree by his neck.”

Apparently the weird vibes did not stop there. Upon arriving to the company site, he recalls hearing a guard alerting co-workers that there was a “code red.” Furthermore he claims to have heard the guard’s phone conversation. Gideon says the man told someone that he did not want to “be responsible” for his safety.

Additionally, he was warned by the man unloading his truck to get out of there “as soon as possible.”

“‘Dude, you might want to get up out of here as soon as possible, we’re at sundown, you want to leave here now,’” the man allegedly told Gideon.”‘Don’t stop until you at least get to Beaumont.’”

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