Black Mother and Her Two Daughters Own Every McDonald’s Store in Compton

Every McDonald’s in the city of Compton now belongs to a Black woman and her two daughters. As Black Business reported, Patricia Williams and her children Nicole Enearu and Kerri Harper-Howie have successfully opened 13 stores over the last few years.

via: Black Enterprise recently reported that Williams, Enearu, and Harper-Howie are now together running a multimillion-dollar company while generating annual revenues of almost $50 million.

Despite the family’s current successes, the former rehabilitation therapist’s journey was mixed with taking steps forward but also facing personal adjustments. explained that Williams and her former husband cashed out their retirement plans, then took out a small business loan to take a leap into the fast-food franchise industry. Due to the rapid growth of the McDonald’s brand in the 1980s, the first location became a quick success. Williams and her former husband purchase a second store. Thereafter, Williams ended up buying the company, after the couple’s marriage dissolved. She decided to sell both of her stores, then purchase five more. also stated that in the early 2000s, both of Williams’s daughters ended up getting involved in the family business, although it was not the initial plan. Enearu reportedly changed her career upon completing the McDonald’s franchise training program for owners. Next, she purchased a store. Harper-Howie, who is a lawyer, began providing legal and human resources assistance to her mother’s franchise. The lawyer also decided she wanted to be her own boss. Harper-Howie decided to complete a training program for children of McDonald’s owner-operators.

These businesswomen have obviously brought diverse skillsets to their family-owned operation. They easily can remind budding business owners that that investing in family legacy can impact current and future generations.

Together, Williams and her daughters own a total of 13 stores, the last of which was purchased in April 2017. They’ve been able to hire more than 700 people in the community and offer scholarships to students via their non-profit organization, the Williams/Enearu Organization.

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