Blac Chyna Reduced To Tears By Mom's Surprise Appearance On 'Tamron Hall Show' [Video]

Blac Chyna and her previously estranged mom Tokyo Toni got emotional while opening up about their reconciliation.

via: AceShowbiz

Tokyo Toni made a surprise appearance during a “Tamron Hall Show” episode with Chyna as the guest. Toni showed up to join the video vixen on the talk show as she celebrated 1 year of sobriety.

Donning a colorful dress, Toni made her way while holding colorful balloons for her “big baby.” At one point, the former star of “Rob & Chyna” could not help but cry, prompting Toni to quickly comfort her daughter, who went makeup-free for the gig.

In the episode, Toni also opened up about her motherhood journey as she had Chyna when she was really young. “[It feels] kind of surreal,” she told host Tamron Hall. “First of all, being a young girl, young lady, those times were different than these times. Raising her, it was very difficult because I was single – you know, her dad wasn’t around.”

“What it does for me to see her growth because Hollywood, it does things to people. It changes you,” she went on gushing over her daughter. “Seeing her sober, no makeup, filler’s gone… this is who I birthed. Angela.”

Toni continued showering Chyna with praises, “Everybody in the world has to know, she has the biggest heart in the world. It’s so big that sometimes she forgot about herself. Taking care everyone else… this is what she does. She’s a very beautiful person.”

Of their reconciliation, Tony admitted, “I could have never imagined us like this after that mess, because it was lies, it was a mess. This here, this is the truth.” She later went on pulling Chyna to a warm hug, prompting the audience to clap for the sweet moment.

Meanwhile, Chyna took to her Instagram account to celebrate her milestone. One of the pictures she shared captured her receiving a kiss and a huge number 1 balloon from her mother. In the snap, she was holding a bouquet of pink and purple flowers in her hands.

“September 14 , 2023 marks my one-year of sobriety this year taught me a lot about myself. I made up my mind on September 14, 2022 that I was done with the alcohol. This process is not easy but I did it, I plan on continuing practicing sobriety,” the mom of two wrote.

She added, “I want to thank everybody that has been supporting me with this part of my journey [red and pink hearts emoji]. Angela White is unstoppable, smart, beautiful, brave, a great mother, and a great friend. I’m hoping that when you see this, this will inspire you.”

“If you are struggling with any addiction, just know that you can do it and you are worth it,” she then encouraged fans to start their recovery journey. “God loves you. Its so many different apps, and groups that can help you with this journey, and you’re not alone. I love you. ~ Angela White [red heart and hands folded together emojis]. P.S ( I couldn’t wait to get this 1 year balloon) @queen_tokyotoni.”

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