Biden Will Host the Floyd Family but Will Miss His Police Reform Deadline

To commemorate the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death, his family will make a visit to The White House. President Joe Biden will host the family May 25, 2021.

via: Politico

During his high-profile address to a joint session of Congress last month, President Joe Biden laid down an ambitious marker. He wanted major police reform legislation at his desk by May 25, the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

Though Biden won’t be signing the Floyd bill into law on May 25, a senior administration official said the president plans to mark the day by hosting members of Floyd’s family at the White House on Tuesday.

Virtually all parties involved are okay with missing the deadline. Lawmakers working on the bill insist that they’re making progress and regularly engage with one another. And in conversations with the White House, activists and lawmakers have stressed that they want a substantial bill, not a quick one.

“My concern is, and I’ve communicated this to the White House, is that we come with a toothless bill to meet a hard deadline,” said Rev. Al Sharpton, president of the National Action Network. “I’d rather have a bill with teeth late than a toothless bill on time.”

Civil rights groups mostly support the administration’s approach but plan to keep pressure on Congress. The White House has not said if it will set another deadline.

We want real reform not just some symbolic gesture.

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