Beyoncé's Renaissance Opening Prompts AMC to Issue Very Specific Guidelines for Fans |

Sorry, BeyHive, but if you’re going to catch a screening of Beyoncé’s new movie Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, there are some rules you’re going to have to follow.

via: EW

AMC has issued some very specific guidelines for fans queuing up for Beyoncé’s Renaissance opening this weekend.

AMC has told the BeyHive that they are more than welcome — encouraged, even — to get decked out. “We want to see your amazing outfits!” the theater chain proclaims, suggesting the #RenaissanceTheFilm hashtag for fans’ shareable moments. But there’s a caveat. “Please DO NOT take pictures or record while the film is playing.”

That’s the broad tenor of AMC’s Beyoncé guidelines: Have fun but don’t make us call your mom. “You know the words, you know the choreography — sing & dance your heart out,” it continues, “but please respect each other’s space along with the theater equipment.” It also asks that revelers avoid dancing on seats or blocking the view of others.

While wild outfits are encouraged, AMC says anything that might block views — “headwear, wings, etc” — should be removed before Nicole Kidman reminds you about the magic of the theater. Also, masks, “except for standard face masks used explicitly for health and safety reasons,” aren’t allowed.

There’s also a sort of vague request to “get cozy before it gets crazy,” with AMC imploring fans to save their energy for inside the “Renaissance showing room” so that “other AMC guests enjoy their movie-going experience as much as you do.” Vague, but it sounds like they’re suggesting that moviegoers finally catching Killers of the Flower Moon or grabbing an opening weekend screening of Godzilla Minus One might not be looking for a lobby party.

The theater further notes that the movie is nearly three hours long, “plus approximately 15-20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the film starts.” So, get in that bathroom break before the lights go down.

The movie, which includes footage from Beyoncé’s massive summer stadium tour and a visual album directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, is in theaters this weekend.

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