Beyoncé's Former Trainer and Bodyguard, Craig Adams, Dies from COVID-19: 'He Was Like a Family Member' |

Beyoncé’s Former Trainer and Bodyguard, Craig Adams, Dies from COVID-19: ‘He Was Like a Family Member’

Craig Adams, a Houston-based fitness trainer known for working with Beyoncé, has died from COVID-19, according to the singer’s mother Tina Knowles-Lawson.

via People:

The 67-year-old died on Tuesday night after contracting the virus, said Knowles-Lawson, who shared on her Instagram that she’s “heartbroken” by the loss.

“I found out this morning that this amazing human being Craig Adams from Houston passed away last night from Covid,” the matriarch, 67, wrote on Wednesday. “This horrible killer disease attacked his organs, his lungs first made him have kidney failure and as hard as he fought he succumbed to the disease last night.”

“Craig was a fitness trainer and was healthy! This is only the latest of Many friends and family that were lost to Covid,” she continued. “Craig was Beyoncé’s trainer and later security for Destiny’s Child. ! He was like a family member.”

“Such a beautiful human being, kind, loving, and gentle,” Knowles-Lawson added in her tribute. “RIP Craig we love you!”

Adams’ family told local news station KTRK that he was not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Remembering her late friend, Knowles-Lawson said in an interview with the outlet, “If you knew Craig, he just always had a smile on his face.”

“Always was positive,” she said. “I’ve never heard him say one negative thing about anybody, even when they deserved it. He was just a good, honest guy.”

In the wake of Adams’ death, the House of Deréon fashion designer urged those who are eligible for the vaccine to get inoculated.

“There’s been so many people that I’ve known personally — and loved — that have passed away,” she told KTRK. “There is a vaccination out there. We’ve got to get vaccinated so we can protect our loved ones.”

As of Thursday, 50.4 percent of the United States’ populace have been fully vaccinated, while 59.2 percent have received at least one dose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Data compiled by John Hopkins University show that more than 36 million COVID-19 cases have been reported in the nation since the start of the pandemic, with approximately 619,093 coronavirus-related deaths.

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