Beyoncé Refused to Audition for Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog', Expected The Offer Anyway

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Anika Noni Rose’s role as Princess Tiana in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog cemented her place in history as the first Black Disney princess.

The part wasn’t easy to come by as Hollywood casting director Jen Rudin reveals new details in her autobiography about the time she was asked to find the perfect voice for the role. Mrs. Carter was in consideration…but refused to audition.

According to Rudin, ‘Beyoncé expected an offer, but wouldn’t audition and so she didn’t get one’, while, ‘Alicia Keys auditioned three times’ but failed to secure the part of Tiana.

She continued:

‘Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson wanted it,’ Rudin writes in Confessions Of A Casting Director. ‘They had to sing, so we made it clear they needed sheet music. Tyra came in with a CD, but it didn’t matter because she was so pretty and nice.

We think Anika Noni Rose was absolutely perfect!


[via Mail Online]

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