Do Better! NBC's Jenna Bush Asks Pharrell Williams About His 'Hidden Fences' Nomination [Video]

It wouldn’t be a red carpet without at least one embarrassing moment.

This year’s embarrassing flub goes to NBC’s Jenna Bush — who happens to be the daughter of former President George W. Bush.

Jenna asked Pharrell Williams about his soundtrack nomination for ‘Hidden Fences.’

Pharrell’s nominated for ‘Hidden Figures’ — not to be confused with ‘Fences’ starring Denzel Washington.

You get two award-worthy Black films in the same awards season and people can’t keep them separate!

The best part about the mix-up is Pharrell’s epic side-eye.

Watch below:

Update: Jenna has issued an apology

“I had an error in the night, which I have to apologize for,” said Bush Hager, who was joined by Al Roker and Natalie Morales on the NBC morning show. “When I was interviewing the incomparable Pharrell, who I adore, I accidentally — in the electricity of the red carpet, which I’ve never done one before — called Hidden Figures ‘Hidden Fences.’ I have seen both movies, thought they were both brilliant. I’ve interviewed casts for both of the movies, and if I offended people I am deeply sorry.”

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