Benny The Butcher Elaborates On Donald Trump Support: 'I Was Just Talking' |

Benny The Butcher Elaborates On Donald Trump Support: ‘I Was Just Talking’

When Benny The Butcher tweeted “I’m votin Trump 2024,” many fans hoped that someone had hacked his account.

via: HipHopDX

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club that aired on Friday (January 12), the Griselda MC set the record straight regarding his tweet from last year, which succinctly read: “I’m votin Trump 2024.”

People in our position ain’t supposed to speak on their political candidates,” he said. “I also learned everybody voting for Trump, y’know what I’m saying? Only president I voted for was Obama, so I really was just talking shit.

“A lot of times, African Americans — we vote Democrat and what the fuck that been doing for us? That’s all I mean, like what the Democrats been doing for us? I was expressing my frustrations on that.”

He concluded: “I don’t know who I’m voting for.”

Listen to the 39-year-old MC discuss his current outlook on United States politics at the 21:46 mark below:

Whereas Benny The Butcher is still a free agent, Lil Pump has been in Donald Trump’s corner since a month before the latter lost his bid for re-election in 2020. Last month, the two crossed paths at UFC 296 in Las Vegas.

At the event, which saw Leon Edwards defeat Colby Covington and Paddy Pimblett defeat Tony Ferguson, among others, the “Gucci Gang” rapper captured a photo with the former US president and captioned it: “Greatest president of all time.”

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