Benjamin Crump Takes on Case Where Customer Shoots Two Amazon Delivery Drivers, Leaving One a Paraplegic

A lawsuit against Amazon demands accountability from the e-commerce giant and justice for two of its Amazon Flex drivers who were shot in Atlanta while making deliveries.

via: Revolt

On Jan. 13, Amazon driver Eduardo Gutierrez was sent to deliver a package to a northwest Atlanta residence. When Gutierrez arrived at the location, he made the delivery and while returning to his vehicle, court records say he “saw a laser pointing at him.” Moments later five shots were fired, with one hitting him in his stomach.

Gutierrez managed to run to his vehicle and drive off while alerting authorities of the incident.

Within minutes, Fulton County resident Lawyer Denson was also sent to that address to make a delivery. Upon making the drop-off, Denson was also met with a fleet of bullets, one striking him in the spine. Unable to walk, Denson dragged himself to his vehicle and tried to call for help. Unfortunately, Denson was left without feeling in his legs.

Crump — who is known for taking on high-profile civil rights cases — has stepped in and taken on Gutierrez and Denson as clients. Court records show that the plan is to sue Amazon for $400 million in damages citing that Amazon was negligent for failing to provide clothing that would properly identify the workers as Amazon delivery drivers.

Documents also go on to say that Amazon Flex’s software allegedly does not track deliveries and notify customers when a driver is approaching, technology that is a “standard in the industry.” It also mentions both men suffered from post-traumatic stress from the shooting that occurred while on the job.

In a statement to the news, Crump said, “These two men were seriously injured while working for Amazon, one of the largest and wealthiest businesses in the world. Amazon has a moral obligation to do more to protect its employees.”

Kelly Nantel, a spokesperson for Amazon has said, “We’re aware of this terrible incident, and express our deepest sympathies to the two drivers involved. In addition, we offer our support to them both and to law enforcement as they investigate these crimes.”

Crump stated, “Neither of the men were given Amazon-branded materials or sufficient training, which directly led to this dangerous and tragic situation. We demand justice for these men and their families, and we will not stop demanding change and accountability from Amazon until we are certain that this will not happen again.”

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