Beautiful Surprise: Pranksters Give Housekeeper The Home She Thinks She's Supposed to be Cleaning [Video]

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Day-in and day-out the Internet brings us some of the most ratchet, foolish, and sometimes hilarious videos ever.

Although it seems rare, the Internet is capable of producing really heartwarming clips — including this one.

The good people over at Break  gave away a house to Cara Simmons, a housekeeper and single mother of three.

The best part about the prank is that before turning over the keys to the house she simply thought she was coming to clean, they gave Cara a full day of pampering inside. She got to eat gourmet food, get a massage, and even go on a ‘designer shopping spree’ in what she thought were hand-me-downs.

Watch Cara get the surprise of a lifetime below.

[via Gizmodo]

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