Barneys Apologizes to Jay Z for Racial Profiling 'Distraction'


Barneys CEO Mark Lee has issued an apology in the aftermath of the racism scandal which rocked the company last week — except for he isn’t apologizing to the alleged victims. He’s apologizing to Jay Z.

His apology statement reads:

“Our collaboration is based on a shared mission of helping individuals facing socio-economic hardships to help further their education at institutions of higher learning. We regret that these recent events have distracted from the great work of the Shawn Carter Foundation, and we offer our apologies to Mr. Carter.”

Last week Jay Z issued a statement defending his collaboration with Barneys in which he expressed displeasure in being “demonized” in wake of the scandal. We now see where the interests of the corporation lies in maintaining their high profile affiliations.

This is unacceptable. If Barneys wants to issue an apology, they need to publicly apologize to Kayla PhillipsTrayon Christian, and anyone else who may have been victimized by Barneys ‘unwritten’ policies.

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