‘Back in Action’ Using Jamie Foxx Body Doubles to Finish Filming While He Remains Hospitalized in Atlanta

The Netflix film ‘Back in Action’ is using body doubles ofJamie Foxx while he remains hospitalized for an unspecified medical emergency.

via AJC:

Photos taken by an independent photographer and sold to TMZ feature two different stunt doubles covering for Foxx. On Friday, a stunt double named Travis was being used. On Monday, outside a nightclub, “Back in Action” co-stars Cameron Diaz and McKenna Roberts are seen mixing it up with a man who resembles Foxx. The website said the body double’s first name is Chris.

Foxx, 55, has been in the hospital for about a week now in Atlanta. Outside of an initial social media note from his daughter Corinne, the Foxx family has remained publicly silent on Foxx’s condition though TMZ and People late last week, citing unnamed sources, said he was awake and interacting with doctors.

“Back in Action” is largely complete, which is probably how the producers are able to work around one of the movie’s primary leads. It shot for three months in London and then came to Georgia in March for a month of shoots. The movie is set to conclude production this week.

Both the U.K. and Georgia offer generous tax credit breaks for the production companies.

Netflix has not released plot details about the movie or a release date.

We’re continuing to keep Jamie in our prayers.

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