Ask B. Scott: 'Is He A Rebound?' |

Ask B. Scott: ‘Is He A Rebound?’


Dear B. Scott,

I recently got out of a 8 month relationship last October. The breakup was pretty bad and left me devastated. Since the breakup, I rekindled a friendship I had with this guy I’ve known for a few years.

We spent almost every day together between Thanksgiving & Christmas, only separating to be with our families.

I feel a connection with this guy and I haven’t felt this way in a really long time. We’ve been really open with our relationship and have gotten to the point where we claim each other publicly (on social media and to our friends).

My friends think I’m rushing things, but I truly think I’ve found the one. I feel like I have to keep things to myself now because I think my friends are judging me for finding happiness. How do I get them to be happy for me?

Dear Love Muffin,

My advice to anyone fresh out of a relationship is to take some time for yourself and really assess who you are.

Think about what lessons you’ve learned, how you’ve changed as a person, and mentally prepare yourself for your next relationship so that you don’t make the same mistakes that ended the previous one.
I hate to say it, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve given yourself enough time to properly move on.

With that said, if you truly feel like you’ve found ‘the one,’ at this point the only thing you have is time. I suggest you take time to get to know this new man on a deeper level. There’s no need to rush, especially if you’re happy with him the way things are.

Try not to be so hard on your friends. Like good friends, they’re trying protect you and make sure that you’re not only happy, but also have a shot at staying that way. You shouldn’t fault them for it — especially considering they were probably there for you during breakup and know firsthand how devastating it was.

Only you and your man know the ins-and-outs of your relationship. You can’t expect your friends to be completely happy for something they don’t quite understand.

They could be right about the situation, or they could be wrong — but that’s something only time will tell.


B. Scott

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