Asian Doll Shuts Down Rumors About King Von And NBA YoungBoy Beef [Video]

Asian Doll denied that there was any sort of lingering beef that existed between YoungBoy Never Broke Again and King Von prior to the latter rapper’s death earlier this month.

via: AceShowbiz

Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) has addressed speculations saying that King Von used to be beefing with NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again). During an Instagram Live on Sunday, November 29, the girlfriend of the late rapper cleared up the rumors about the drama surrounding the two rappers.

Shutting down the rumors, Asian snapped, “I got a song with YoungBoy. Von got a song with Youngboy. Who the opp?” She went on saying, “Only opps is you opp a** people in our mothaf**kin’ business, b***h. Back to my mothaf**kin’ story, b***h.”

“This n***a talkin’ ’bout the mothaf**kin’ opps,” she continued. “That ain’t even his opps. Get your clown a** on. You don’t even know what the f**k you talkin’ ’bout. That’s how y’all know you just talkin’. Y’all just makin’ up all this s**t in y’all mothaf**kin’ head ’cause that s**t sounds good and that s**t look good but it ain’t that.”

Von himself once talked about his relationship with the Baton Rouge rapper prior to his death. Insisting that there was no bad blood between them and that it was just nothing but Internet gossip, the late rapper said, “They be saying that a lot. It’s like, we got the same issues and h**s and then you know how the internet will try to make it.”

When asked if the alleged tension was related to women, Von responded, “Nah it’s the internet, gang. They’ll try to make it like that ’cause it’s the internet, you feel what I’m saying? And then you know how females is. Females will try to make it like that ’cause they females and they’ll try to make it like one muthaf**ka f**k with one muthaf**ka hard. It be just all type of s**t. But it ain’t nothing sincere, nothing that you should worry about.”

Von was shot and killed in Atlanta on Friday, November 6 when he and a group of men left the Opium Nightclub and went to the Monaco Hookah Lounge on 255 Trinity Avenue. He was laid to rest in a private funeral in Chicago on Sunday, November 15. The private ceremony was only attended by his closest family and friends.

Here’s hoping that Asian Doll and King Von’s family get the healing that is needed after going through something so traumatic.

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