Asian Doll Says OnlyFans Paid Her $500,000 to Join the Platform, Calls People Rapping at 30 'Crazy'

Asian Doll is someone who has made her fair share of headlines over the years.

via: Complex

On Monday, the Texas rapper teased that she’d be launching a profile on the subscription-based platform.

“7:30pm I have a HUGE surprise for the world tune in” she wrote on Instagram. Later, Asian Doll followed that up by confirming her page was live, posting photos of herself wearing green lingerie. “I might be his Only Fan,” she added.

On Thursday, one fan jumped on social media to speculate on whether the 26-year-old rapper’s decision stemmed from financial issues. “Asian Doll started a only fans she must be going broke,” the Twitter user wrote.

After catching wind of the troll’s comments, Asian Doll hopped on Twitter on Thursday to clarify that she has more than enough money to go around, revealing that OnlyFans paid her half a million dollars to create an account.

“Only Fans gave me $500,000 just to sign up,” she replied in a since-deleted tweet. “Not to mention, I’m literally signed to a billionaire. Stop watching my pockets. They so full [I don’t] even gotta do shows no more. That was the goal.”

“100k in a day,” she added in another tweet. “I’m never leaving only fans.”

Asian concluded her rant by hinting that she doesn’t even plan on having a rap career by the time she hits 30. “Tryna rap at 30 is crazyyyyy,” she wrote.

Check out Asian Doll’s tweets below.

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