Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved in Los Angeles Vehicle Crash [Photos]

Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a multi-vehicle crash Friday evening in Los Angeles.

via: Complex

A representative for the Terminator actor confirmed to NBC, adding that his main concern is “for the woman from the other vehicle.”

The accident took place at 4:35 p.m., per the Los Angeles Police Department, at Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue. Photos from TMZ show what appears to be the former California governor’s GMC Yukon on top of a red Toyota Prius with a wheel on the hood of the vehicle, as the publication reports that law enforcement shared he was turning left at a red light.

Schwarzenegger can be seen in the photos, wearing a brown jacket and black pants, along with his friend Jake Steinfeld. A woman was reportedly brought to the hospital with “an abrasion to her head,” as TMZ shares she was driving the Prius and was spotted bleeding from her head.

The movie star was reportedly not ticketed in the car crash.

Back in December, a freight truck carrying hundreds of migrants in Mexico crashed into the base of a bridge, with at least 55 passengers dying as a result, per the Associated Press. A reported 250 people were inside the truck at the time, and it crashed after the driver reportedly took a high-speed turn.

“The ones who died were the ones who were up against the walls of the trailer,” said a man from Guatemala, who broke his arm. “Thank God, we were in the middle, but the ones on the sides, they died. They fell on top of me, there were like two or three fellow migrants on top of me … When I got out, another fellow migrant was shouting. He was shouting to me, I pulled at him and got him out and put him on the side of the road, but he died.”

Luckily no one was seriously injured.

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