Ari Fletcher Claps Back At Haters Making Fun Of Her Look [Photo + Video] |

Ari Fletcher Claps Back At Haters Making Fun Of Her Look [Photo + Video]

Ari Fletcher is not one to let a comment slide. So when people had a lot to say about her new look, Ari let the clap backs loose.

via: AceShowbiz

Ari Fletcher is not one to mess around. The social media personality took her Instagram account to share a clip of her getting glammed up. However, instead of giving praises, it seemed like some people were not feeling her makeup.

In the said video, Ari pulled her raven locks in a high ponytail while donning a casual black tee. She also puckered her lips to the camera at the end of the footage. Given her strong shading, it seemed like people were poking fun at her look.

“That don’t look like a filter,” one said in response to Ari’s claim that it was just filter. “No Thomas the train that was you sis Lmaooooooooooo,” someone else added.

Ari apparently caught wind of the mockery and clapped back at one of the critics. “You look 16 stfu talking to me and go read a f***ing book. Little a** girl,” she told on Twitter user. Her response, however, backfired as someone else replied, “not her arguing with kids… chile.”

Ignoring the comment, Ari wrote in a separate tweet, “The internet is such a evil place. All people do is talk bad about other people. So sad… bank account showing like a MF.” Again, one of her followers attempted to do some reality check on her. “You do the same thing. Just can’t take what it when it’s you lol,” the person told the girfriend of Moneybagg Yo. This time, Ari decided to clap back.

“Can’t take it??? b***h I be at home dying laughing on my son. You think I give a f**k about y’all in real life girl please,” she ripped into the user. “Meanwhile yo baby daddy be at home beating off to my pictures.”

Instead of defending her, some fans agreed with the naysayers. “Not the bully finally getting bullied back,” one wrote on Instagram. Another comment read, “U can tell when somebody mad and ain’t got much of a comeback.. they go to calling you broke.” Meanwhile, someone joked, “I really wanna see her fight cuz she swear she hard lmao.”

Not everything has to be addressed on social media, people are only going to continue to come hard at Ari because they know she is going to respond and give them energy.

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