'Aquaman' Is the Highest-Grossing DCEU Movie of All-Time

Aquaman is a big hit.

The Jason Momoa-stunning flick is officially the biggest movie in DC’s Extended Universe — earning $887 million in worldwide ticket sales.

It now bests Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman.

via Complex:

The king of the waves is riding high on a surge of international interest. Overseas ticket sales account for 75 percent of the movie’s overall take, according to EW. Domestically, it’s unlikely that Aquaman will pass Bat, Supes and Wonder Woman. 

Not that that matters much to the Aquaman team. It all spends, and it seems like Aquaman is on pace to be the first DCEU movie to cross the $1 billion box office mark.

The love from audiences around the world is a bit of a consolation prize for the visual effects team that made this adventure so fun to watch. Director James Wan complained on Facebook that the team were the unsung heroes of the film, before laying into the Oscars for snubbing them

Kelvin, you and your department are the unsung heroes of this film,” he wrote. “The fact that your VFX peers in the Academy aren’t recognizing or appreciating what we/you’ve all contributed to the film and cinema is a fucking disgrace.”

Effects supervisor Kelvin Mcllwain agreed.   

“I’m with you, James,” he wrote. It was a complete shock to everyone that we are not in the final ten films that will be presenting at the Academy VFX Bake-off. The selection process is very flawed in my opinion and too open to influence.”

Did you see Aquaman?

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