Apryl Jones Doesn't Care What Omarion's Friend Bow Wow Says About Their Breakup

apryl jones bow wow omarion

Bow Wow couldn’t wait to hop on Twitter and celebrate his ‘friend’ Omarion’s split from longtime love Apryl Jones.

“Bro you got your freedom!” Bow Wow, wrote on Instagram Monday. “We can hang again!!! Lets go take a bag to [Los Angeles area strip club] AOD tonight. There plenty of IG thots and vlive and AOD dancers bro in the world that will be happy to cheer you up during this time! Matter of fact, Ima throw you a couple lobs.”

Of course, Bow’s female fans didn’t appreciate his comments to O so he had to make a second post to defend himself.

“Why is it yall can do this when your bestie break up and why cant the fellas encourage they homies the same way yall do?” he asked. “Yall women tooo uptight nowadays nagging is at an all time high textn us getting mad over what we post what pictures we like. Ease up on us ladies.”

One person who didn’t care about what Bow Wow said was Omarion’s ex, Apryl. She told E! News that she doesn’t care for Bow Wow’s comments OR his suggestions.

“As far as Bow Wow, his friend is Omari. Whatever he feels like he needs to say for media purposes doesn’t pertain to me,” she said. “I have two beautiful children that are my main focus.”

Amen, sister.

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