Exclusive: ANOTHER Woman Is Accusing Shannon Brown of Cheating on Monica & Says He's a Pill Popper [Photos]

Earlier today, news broke that Miami Heat star Shannon Brown is allegedly cheating on his wife, singer Monica.

According to reports, a woman says Shannon flew her out for a two day weekend of ‘x-rated’ fun — and she provided DM receipts showing a conversation between them.

Ordinarily, we’d ask for more verification before accusing a married man of cheating on his wife — especially when there are children involved. However, we’ve been sitting on some ADDITIONAL tea for quite some time regarding Shannon and his alleged extramarital affairs.

Back in November 2015, a different woman reached out to us via Instagram and said that she’d been having sex with Shannon. At the time, she claimed to have proof of their affair, but opted not to share it because she didn’t want to be ‘messy’.

Since she wasn’t willing to offer any proof other than what she said, we opted not to run a potentially false story and run the risk of ruining someone’s marriage and family for no reason.

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, here’s the conversation (Note: The woman has since deleted her Instagram):

She sent in a screenshot of an alleged conversation arranging travel details. We needed more information. She revealed that Shannon frequently likes to get high on Xanax and made an account on Kik messenger to discuss more freely.

A few days went by and we reached back out for updates. At the time, she said they were still sleeping together but didn’t want to ‘expose’ him anymore.

While we’ve chosen to withhold THIS woman’s identity, her story does sound similar to the woman’s story who came forward today.

Whatever’s going on, we’re sending Monica some positive energy.

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