Another One: California Woman Who Licked $1,800 Worth of Groceries Arrested

A Northern California woman was arrested on Tuesday after after she allegedly licked and ruined about $1,800 worth of groceries.

via NYDN:

South Lake Tahoe Police responded to a call at a Safeway near the California-Nevada border about a “report of a customer ‘licking’ groceries inside of the store,'” officials said.

The woman had also put on jewelry being sold in the store and licked it.

The woman, 53-year-old Jennifer Walker, was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism.

“The employee informed the officers that all the items in the suspect’s shopping cart were deemed unsellable due to the cross-contamination,” according to a South Lake Tahoe police statement.

The items, which included meat and liquor, needed to be destroyed.

South Lake Tahoe police Lt. Shannon Laney told NBC News the department had dealt with Walker but that the woman did not have a criminal record.

If she didn’t have a criminal record then, she certainly has one now.

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