Cardi B and Rah Ali Get Into It on Twitter, Threaten to Expose Each Other's Relationship Problems [Photos]

Cardi B and Rah Ali clearly had time today — because they went at each other on Twitter for what appears to be no real reason.

Cardi took to Twitter to share a screenshot from Onsite!, a radio show hosted by Rah.

The post featured a tweet that appeared to be written by Cardi, but Cardi said it was fake.

Rah, who we all know is good friends with Nicki Minaj, saw Cardi’s tweet and called her out — accusing the rapper of “sneak dissing” before taking a shot at Offset by alluding to his infidelity.


Cardi then clapped back, threatening to expose Rah’s own marriage woes.

While defending her own marriage, Rah then set sights on Cardi’s friend Star Brim

Cardi went on to say she sent Rah a DM so they could “settle it like women,” said that since Rah hadn’t responded she probably just wanted to stir up drama for publicity.

Rah then told Cardi to shut up and Cardi deleted her tweets.

Take a look at the exchange below.


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