Angela Bassett Is Proud Of Son For Apologizing Over Michael B. Jordan Death Hoax

Angela Bassett recently told Entertainment Tonight about how proud she was that her son apologized for participating in a viral TikTok challenge that left her in an emotional state.

via: HotNewHipHop

A new TikTok trend has killed off many of your favorite very-alive celebrities, and Angela Bassett, unfortunately, was caught in the chaos. There are several trends on the popular app that gain worldwide attention, but when people began killing off the rich and famous, some people didn’t appreciate the viral moment. Recently, we reported on Angela Bassett’s 16-year-old son Slater getting caught up in the trend. It resulted in his tearful apology after tricking his mother into believing Michael B. Jordan had died.

As we recall, Bassett and Jordan famously starred together in the Black Panther films. Slater filmed his mother’s shocked reaction to learning that someone she considered family was allegedly no longer alive.

When it was revealed that Slater was pranking the Waiting to Exhale icon, he soon returned with an apology video.

“I apologize to Michael B. Jordan’s entire family, his extended family, and him directly as he is an idol of mine,” Slater said in his clip. “Taking part in a trend like this is completely disrespectful. I don’t wish any bad ramifications upon his family nor my parents, as they deserve none of the backlash.”

While at the Palm Springs International Film Festival’s Creative Impact Awards, Entertainment Tonight spoke with the actress about the controversy. It seems as if it’s something that she’s also ready to put behind her and her family.

“We all make mistakes, own up to them, take responsibility. Then hold your head up and move forward,” Bassett said.

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