Angela Bassett Gets Sexy in Lingerie for Violet Grey Magazine [Photos]


Angela Bassett is 55-years-old and just as sexy as ever!

The actress, who’s nominated for an Emmy for her role in American Horror Story, threw on a pair of heels and some lingerie for the black & white snaps featured in Violet Grey.

In the fashion/beauty mag she talks about what she sees in the mirror, her strength, and what goes through her mind when it comes to getting ready for a night out or an event.

Check out a few excerpts:

On what she sees in the mirror:

 ‘A passionate woman who knows what she loves and has been blessed to be able to do it and and continue to do it!’

On how long it takes her to get ready for a night out:

‘I start thinking about it in the car on the way home. Do I want to be flirty? Sensual? Powerful? Then I try to dress for that feeling. My husband always says ?Lord, you’ve made something out of nothing, how did you do that?’

On being strong:

‘Not with everything, but that’s when you stick out your chest and you gather your strength. I was raised by my mother, and she taught me how! You can’t be in this industry if you’re afraid of a little rejection.’

On aspiring actors:

‘It’s the same with everything: You have to study your craft. Actresses make it look easy because that’s the way it should look—effortless. When a great actor does their job they’re leaving a piece of their soul in the room. It takes a little out of you, but that’s okay. Life will take a little out of you, love will take a little out of you. We’re talking about demonstrating the best and worst of the human experience.’

Yes ma’am! Check out a few more photos from Angela’s spread below!



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