Andy Cohen Roasts His ‘Terrible’ Jingle Ball Outfit, Says He 'Looked Like a ‘Lesbian Toddler’ |

Andy Cohen Roasts His ‘Terrible’ Jingle Ball Outfit, Says He ‘Looked Like a ‘Lesbian Toddler’

Andy Cohen has acknowledged that his now-viral outfit choice at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball was…terrible.

via Page Six:

The Bravo head honcho responded to criticism of the festive look on his “Radio Andy” show Monday morning after co-host John Hill joked that Cohen “went in lesbian cosplay.”

“Without question, I did,” Cohen replied. “I look so bad in these red carpet pictures.”

The TV personality rocked up to the event in a red-and-green checkered flannel, which he half tucked into a pair of baggy dark-wash jeans.

Cohen, who cuffed the hem of his pants, paired the laidback ensemble with black-and-white Air Jordan sneakers.

While the outfit did not photograph well, the “Watch What Happens Live” host said it looked “great” when he was onstage introducing Cher.

“It looked so good,” he reflected. “I have this bright green shirt on and there’s a red background … it looks festive.”

However, Hill countered that Cohen only looked good “from the waist up,” which the latter agreed with.

“The red carpet pictures are so bad and I woke up Saturday morning and went online and it was a massacre of me,” Cohen said. “And I was like, ‘Oh man. I look so stupid. I deserve all this.’”

After Cohen said he looked like a “little fella” out there, Hill joked that he thought a “real life ‘Freaky Friday’ had happened” and Cohen’s 4-year-old son, Ben, had “dressed himself” and gone in the 55-year-old’s place.

“You look like a toddler … a lesbian toddler,” Hill said, to which Cohen agreed, “I do look like a lesbian toddler.”

Despite Cohen “hating” the pictures of himself at the event, he had a good attitude after seeing them turned into memes on social media.

In fact, after one fan joked that Cohen looked like a long lost member of *NSYNC, the father of two reposted the image to his Instagram Story.

“I deserve this. LOL!” he wrote atop the image on Sunday.

He said it, not us.

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