Andy Cohen 'Reads' the Real Housewives for Their Treatment of Gay Men [Video]

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Last night during an episode of Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ housewife Kyle Richards threw a ‘gay mixer’ in an attempt to mix and mingle among gay singles in hopes to set up a few love connections.

The event was cute, however it was the way Kyle referred to her gay friends that has everyone talking — even Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen.

Throughout the night (and the show), Kyle & friends kept using the term ‘my gays’ and ‘their gays’ —  and it rubbed a lot of viewers the wrong way.

Andy decided he needed to deliver a little PSA during Watch What Happens Live. “Even though some of your friends might be gay, which is great, they are not yours,” he said. “You do not own them. We are not cattle. We are not purses.” He added, “I will say we are good at reading, so consider yourselves read. I love you.”

See what else Andy had to say below.

Do you agree with what he said? A few of the housewives themselves chimed in…

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