Amber Rose Recalls the Time She Was Sexually Assaulted in Middle School: 'The Principal Blamed Me'


Amber Rose recently sat down with MTV to talk about her new book, How to Be a Bad B*tch, and her own unique brand of feminism and women’s empowerment.

During their chat, Amber opened up about the time she was sexually assaulted in middle school.

MTV: This year, we’ve seen a lot of stories about students being taken out of class or sent home from prom for dress code violations. Most of those students are girls. Do you think that’s sexist?

Rose: Abso-frickin’-lutely, girl. I was sexually assaulted in the seventh grade. This boy stuck his hand all the way up my skirt. I was sitting on the edge of the stage in the auditorium, and he sat down next to me and put his hand up my skirt… I went to principal, and I told her that I felt extremely violated. I couldn’t believe that he had touched me like that. And she blamed me. She said, “You shouldn’t even be wearing a skirt like that.” Obviously, in the seventh grade, my skirt was not that short — but even if it was, that didn’t give him the right to shove his hand up my skirt.

I grew up in a very poor neighborhood [in South Philadelphia], and went to a very poor school, and she made me feel like I didn’t matter. That’s another thing I talk about in my book — classism. There are Victoria’s Secret models who wear lingerie constantly, and no one calls them a ho. But if an Instagram model posts a picture of her in lingerie because she’s confident and she’s sexy and she’s happy with her body, she’s labeled a ho.

You can read more from their chat here. 

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