Watch: UPS Driver Gets Fed Up, Starts Kicking & Throwing Packages Off of His Truck [Video] |

Watch: UPS Driver Gets Fed Up, Starts Kicking & Throwing Packages Off of His Truck [Video]

UPS Delivery Mishap

The holiday season + online shopping = a ton of packages and sometimes frustrated delivery drivers.

One UPS driver decided to take out his frustration on dozens of packages and little did he know his entire fit was captured on camera.

In the video, a UPS driver is seen throwing, kicking, and basically beating up a bunch of packages that were on his truck.

News outlet KHON received the following statement from UPS about the video and the driver.

This is not how we train our drivers. UPS emphasizes delivery care and safety for placement of packages in vehicles and handling, despite a busy day and increased volume at this time of year. We identified the driver, took corrective action and have been engaged with the customer at this delivery location. We would not discuss specific individual personnel matters.

The company also took the time to remind everyone that this ISN’T the norm:

On average, UPS delivers more than 18 million packages each day, a number that can double during the busy holiday season. Mistakes – both human and machine – are made. Packages encounter vibration as they travel on conveyor systems and through the load/unload process. New automation systems in our large buildings leverage technologies to reduce handling and aid separation and package movement on the belts. That’s why we emphasize the importance of appropriate packaging for contents.

Check out the video below.


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