Amber Riley Tells Off Trump Supporter Spitting On Her Car [Video] |

Amber Riley Tells Off Trump Supporter Spitting On Her Car [Video]

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 31: Amber Riley attends The Casting Society of America’s 34th Annual Artios Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 31, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images)

Tell ’em Sis! The former ‘Glee’ actress was trying to park her car when an “older white man” bearing a cap supporting the president “jumped out” in front of her and decided to act like a fool.

via: AceShowbiz

“What does being a Trump supporter mean? Because I just drove into a parking lot and this older white man with a Trump hat on decided to jump in front of my f**king car,” Amber raged on her Instagram Story.

“(He took) his Trump hat off, used it as some kind of badge telling me I needed to stop, pointing at the Trump supporter part of his hat… when I was like ‘whatever, move along’… this motherf**ker spit on my car (sic). In 2020, he saw a black woman, decided he was going to try and punk me, and the motherf**ker decided to spit on my car.”

Amber was rendered speechless by the shocking incident and admitted she is tired of being “nice” about racism: “I can ignore your racist bulls**t, but when it comes to assault, this is not a game,” she fumed. “I’m done being nice. I don’t care who you guys support, I care about the way that you’re trying to make people feel. I care about attacking people, I care about trying to make people feel less than.”

“I care about you keeping your hands to yourself, I care about you keeping your comments to yourself, and I care about you keeping your bodily fluids to yourself.”

Whew the disrespect is real out in these streets, glad Amber is okay.

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