Amanda Bynes Living ‘Sad, Isolated’ Life After Psychiatric Stay: Report

Amanda Bynes is facing a tough reality after spending weeks in a mental hospital.

via: Page Six

Sources close to the actress told TMZ that Bynes, 37, is living alone in her own place following the psychiatric stay – and doesn’t have a big support system in her life.

However, the insider added that the “She’s the Man” star is on good terms with her family and mostly communicates with her siblings and parents, whom she sees “from time to time.”

Sources claimed Bynes has also been good about attending her outpatient treatments, seeing therapists and taking her medication.

According to the outlet, some of those in her inner circle are concerned that she will get back together with “toxic” ex-fiancé Paul Michael, who apparently wasn’t there for the actress when she was “struggling.”

The website reported that Bynes has also lost interest in her passions, like fashion design and being a nail technician, as she tries to recuperate.

The “Amanda Show” alum sparked concern for her mental health when she was spotted roaming the streets of Los Angeles naked in March. She was believed to have been living on the streets for days.

She was allegedly off her meds during the psychiatric episode, according to Michael, who split from Bynes in July 2022.

Bynes reportedly called 911 on herself and was taken to a nearby police station where a mental health expert determined she needed to be placed on a 5150 hold.

Sources at the time claimed that Bynes wasn’t being “forced to stay” at the facility but didn’t feel “ready to leave” just yet.

Three weeks after being checked into the psych ward, Bynes was cleared by the medical staff and released in April.

The former child star, who was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder and struggles with substance abuse, was freed from an eight-year conservatorship last March.

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