Amanda Bynes Forced Out Of NYC Apartment


It seems that trouble follows Amanda Bynes…or she makes it herself.

The former Nickelodeon star has been forced out of her New York City apartment after just moving from LA a few months ago. Amanda reportedly wanted to move to the big apple to escape her accumulating legal troubles in Los Angeles, but her New York landlord isn’t putting up with her crazy antics either. Amanda received an eviction threat after several tenants claimed there was “marijuana smoke coming from her apartment morning, noon and night.”

After receiving notice that her lease would be terminated early this month, a moving truck was spotted outside Amanda’s apartment building as she packed away her belongings. Insiders are claiming that Amanda is still out-of-control and has cut off contact from everybody, including her parents, and is refusing any and all help offered.

This follows reports that the 26 year old “retired” actress locked herself in a clothing store changing room, and walked naked around a tanning salon in 2011.

Amanda’s crazy ways have got to slow down-with no job in sight and her Hollywood shopping sprees not slowing down, Amanda’s $4 million dollar fortune may dry up quick.

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