Alvin Ailey Dancers Protest for Better Wages |

Alvin Ailey Dancers Protest for Better Wages

Alvin Ailey dancers have decided to band together and protest for better ages.

via Page Six:

The dancers, who might perform in some 200 performances a year, allege they’re paid up to 35 percent less than other major companies’ stars, and have been negotiating a new contract since December.

The current one is expiring this month. “There is no reason we should not be treated as well as our peers!” stated Ailey vet Akua Noni Parker.

Reps for the company said, “We remain committed to reaching an agreement that is both fair and sustainable.”

As of Friday, a deal had not been reached.

Dancers have boycotted a gala at the Kennedy Center, and the annual Spirit Gala is June 14 at Lincoln Center.

We hope they get what they deserve.

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